Houseboats River Murray South Australia
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Houseboats River Murray South Australia


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Houseboats River Murray South Australia

A travel guide to a unique holiday experience - a relaxing houseboat holiday.

A houseboat holiday is truly a holiday with a difference.  It provides a real sense of adventure and the freedom to explore "what's just around the bend".  You can relax and take it easy, cruising along the waterway, or tied up on a picturesque bank. There's an almost pioneering sense of adventure- in luxury conditions!  Water birds abound... towering cliffs glow in the sunlight... early morning mists give promise to the day... dark star studded skies welcome the night.

Houseboats offer the perfect option for families or groups.  For a large group, hire two or more boats and travel together. Houseboats are also perfect for honeymoons, or a special weekend away as a couple.  How about a family reunion?  A club getaway?  Your Scout or Guide troop?  The possibilities are endless.

In this guide we will talk about what houseboats are available for hire at various locations along the river, as well as answering some frequently asked questions about houseboat hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can hire a houseboat?

The primary hirer must have a current drivers licence, or boat license, and must be at least 18 years of age- some companies require hirer to be over 21.  Also, a number of companies will charge extra bond for groups of all one gender.

What type of houseboats are there?

Most houseboats are pontoon boats, and accommodate from 2-12 people. The number of people on-board must not exceed the number of berths.  Boats can be powered by outboard, or inboard diesel or petrol motors. A few are paddle wheelers, which add to the experience even more!  Houseboats vary from quite basic to extreme luxury!

How much does it cost to hire a houseboat?

Houseboat prices depend on the size of the boat, where it is located and the facilities provided- a houseboat with lots of luxuries will usually cost more that one of the same berth in a more basic style.  Prices might range from just under $1,000 for a small boat for a week up to nearly $5,000 per week.

The initial hire cost may seem fairly high, especially for the larger boats, but if you divide the cost between a group of people, it works out quite a reasonable holiday, per person. If you want to save money, mid week prices are cheaper, as are off season hires, while weekends, public holidays and school holidays cost more. Fuel costs also need to be taken into consideration. Plus you will be required to pay a bond, which is refundable, but any damages will be taken out of this.

What about fuel?

Houseboats will be filled with fuel before departure and your usage cost will be determined at the end of the trip, so keep in mind that fuel is an extra expense to the initial hire fee.  The amount will vary depending on distance travelled, river conditions and they type of motor the boat is equipped with.

What if I damage the boat?

As all hire houseboats must be insured, you are usually only liable for the excess of the policy as long as regulations, terms and conditions are adhered to.  Wilful or negligent damage is not covered and therefore the total amount of damage may be payable under those circumstances.

What facilities do houseboats offer?

Houseboat decor and furniture is usually quite attractive and of a high standard.  Some boats may have a more functional appearance.  It pays to check what is available, and look at pictures, rather than just choosing sight unseen.  Houseboat company websites often offer a good place to have a look at what their boats are like.  Many will also send out printed pamphlets.

Facilities which you can normally expect to be provided are beds- usually singles, doubles or bunks in cabins of 2-4 berths- kitchen facilities including crockery, utensils, cookware etc, toilet and bathroom facilities, and usually a barbecue and ice box.  Quilts/blankets are usually also supplied, with linen available for hire. Tow along row boats/ motor boats can often also be hired.  Things such as microwave, sound system, upper deck are often provided... sometimes even all king sized beds, en-suite bathrooms and a spa!

For a fee, many operators will stock the boat with food and drink to your specifications.  Ice in the ice box can also be supplied.

All required safety gear, waterway maps, and 2 way radio devices are also supplied.

A practical instruction lesson is usually given before your departure, especially for first timers.

What are the houseboat hire seasons?

The season in which you hire the houseboat usually determines the rate you are charged, as more popular times of year are charged at a higher rate.

In general, the seasons are as follows (as of 2012):

Off Peak- 1 June to 31 August
Normal- 30 January to 31 May and 1 September to 13 December
Peak- 14 December to 28 January


Houseboat Hire Locations (alphabetically)


Houseboat Adventure

10-12 berth boat 'Oasis' has 5 queen-size bedrooms with own sliding doors to deck.  The rear lounge can be converted to another bedroom.  It also has a top deck and 2 bathrooms.

Bookings and enquiries:

Shane & Lisa Smith
Trenberth Marina
Ph: (08) 8582 1188
Mob: 0428 282 867
Email: info@houseboatadventure.com.au


Griffens Marina

2-12 berth houseboats with a variety of layouts and bed types.  Boats have top decks and some have individual en-suite bathrooms for each bedroom.

Bookings and enquiries:

Don & Miriam Griffen
Griffens Marina, Blanchetown
Ph: (08) 8450 5250
Email: griffens@activ8.net.au

Breathless Houseboats

Breathless houseboat is an 8-12 berth boat with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, one of which features a spa bath.  It also has a spacious top deck, 2 TV/DVD's and ducted air con.

Bookings and enquiries:

Donna & Mark Styles
Ph: (08) 8396 7444
Mob: 0417 832 237
Email: breathless@picknowl.com.au
Boat located at Griffens Marina, Blanchetown

Kingston on Murray

Golden Leisure Houseboats

12 berth houseboat with 6 queen-size bedrooms, all with access to deck, and 2 bathrooms.  Top deck and ducted air conditioning.

Bookings and enquiries:

Golden Leisure Houseboats
Ph: (08) 8588 1212
Mob: 0418 839 347
Email: bookings@goldenhouseboats.com.au

River Rat Houseboats   

Houseboats River Murray South Australia River Image Houseboat South Australia River Rats Houseboats South Australia

[ See here for a more in depth look at their River Image houseboat. ] 

12 berth houseboat with 6 bedrooms, each containing queen beds which can be zipped apart to form single beds.  2 bathrooms, air con and upper deck.

Bookings and enquiries:

John Herbert & Paula Militzer
Mob: 0417 822 339
Email: riverrathouseboats@bigpond.com


Black Swan Houseboat

10-12 berth houseboat with 5 bedrooms and spacious upper deck.  Also has microwave, dishwasher, 2 fridge/freezers, air con, gas heating and a large shaded and carpeted upper deck.  Comes with a free dingy and canoe and a ski boat hitch.

Bookings and enquiries:

Wayne & Kaylene Rohrlach
Phone: (08) 8562 1911
Mob: 0409 287 869

Castaway Houseboats   

Castaway Houseboats South Australia Castaway Houseboats Murray River Castaway Houseboat moored River Murray

An impressive double storey 8-12 berth boat with 5 queen size bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  Also features upstairs and downstairs lounge complete with entertainment systems, gas heating, air con, microwave, dishwasher, 2 fridge/freezers and a ski boat hitch.

Bookings and enquiries:

John & Nina Fiedler
Phone: (08) 8264 1548
Mob: 0418 814 741
Email: info@castawayhouseboats.com.au

Cloud 9 Houseboat

Luxury 8-12 berth with zip apart queen beds and 2 bathrooms.  Other features include 2 rear lounges (which can convert to bedrooms), heated jacuzzi, home theatre set-up, air con, gas heating, ice maker in fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, solar panels and free kayak.

Bookings and enquiries:

Brian & Joan Cloudesley
Phone: (08) 8278 2215
Mob: 0434 704 127
Email: houseboats@iinet.net.au

Deception Houseboats

8-12 berth houseboat with 4 bedrooms- 2 with en-suite bathrooms- plus sofa beds.  This boat features a dual helm system, from both lower and upper decks.  It also boasts a 12 person heated spa and reverse cycle air con.

Bookings and enquiries:

Fiona Chapman
Phone: (08) 8339 8454
Mob: 0413 740 682
Email: contactus@deceptionhouseboats.com.au

Desire Houseboat

8-12 berth boat containing 4 queen beds, which can be singles, plus 2 rear lounges- with TV's- which have fold out sofa beds.  The boat also has 2 bathrooms, laundry facilities, heated spa, piped music, TV/entertainment system in front lounge, dishwasher, microwave and ducted air con.

Bookings and enquiries:

Stephen Garland
Phone: (08) 8266 6766
Mob: 0412 841 015
Email: steelo@desirehouseboat.com.au

Fantasy Houseboat Holidays

Fantasy houseboat is 8-12 berth with 4 queen-size bedrooms plus a convertible rear lounge and a sofa bed in the main lounge.  It has 2 full bathrooms, plus a 3rd toilet, laundry facilities, dishwasher, 2 TV's and entertainment system, air con and an upper deck with spa, which also has a helm.

Bookings and enquiries:

Jodi Thorneycroft
Phone: 1300 882 628
Email: info@fantasyhouseboats.com.au

Hannah-Joy Houseboat

2-6 berth houseboat with 2 bedrooms containing queen-size beds- one is zip apart- and sofa beds in front and rear lounges.  Dishwasher, microwave, air con, gas heating, 2 TV's and entertainment unit, 2 canoes and a spa on the shaded sun-deck.

Bookings and enquiries:

Daryl & Gail Allingame
Phone: (08) 8264 2084
Mob: 0403 022 477
Email: dallingame@yahoo.com.au

Imagine Houseboats

An 8-10 berth boat with 4 bedrooms, a convertible rear lounge/bedroom and 3 bathrooms.  The bedrooms have direct access to the deck.  It also has dishwasher, microwave, washing machine, TV's/entertainment, air con and gas heating. 

Bookings and enquiries:

Peter & Susan Fuss
Phone: (08) 8295 3156
Mob: 0400 403 075
Email: imaginehouseboats@bigpond.com.au

Liquid Gold Houseboats

10-12 berth boat with 5 bedrooms and a convertible rear lounge/bedroom.  This boat features upstairs steering helm on top deck, dishwasher, washing machine, 12 person heated spa, TV/DVD/CD players and ducted cooling.

Bookings and enquiries:

Guy & Pam Phillips
Mob: 0411 472 961 or 0413 620 108

Little Gem Houseboat

A 2-6 berth boat with 2 bedrooms containing zip apart queen beds and 2 bathrooms which operate en-suite to each bedroom, but one is shared if the sofa bed is used.  Upper deck with canopy, ducted air con, dishwasher, washing machine, TV and sound system.

Bookings and enquiries:

Stephen Garland
Phone: (08) 8266 6766
Mob: 0412 841 015
Email: steelo@littlegemhouseboat.com.au

Moon Shadow and Moon Dance Houseboats

Moon Shadow has 5 zip apart queen bedrooms and a sofa bed in rear lounge, 2 bathrooms, 8 person heated spa, ducted air con, dishwasher, 2 fridges, washing machine, TV's/entertainment and a diesel generator.  Moon Dance has a sofa bed and 5 zip apart queen bedrooms, each with en-suite bathrooms and a 6th toilet on deck.  It also has TV, dishwasher, washing machine and second steering helm on top deck.

Bookings and enquiries:

Sue & Darryl Masters
Phone: (08) 8289 2000
Email: dkmasters@bigpond.com

Mystique Houseboat

Mystique is a 12 berth houseboat with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  It has 2 fridges, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine and a covered upper sun-deck.  It also has both solar power and a quiet generator.

Bookings and enquiries:

Peter Kemp
Phone: (08) 8234 2320
Mob: 0408 848 161
Email: mystique_houseboat@yahoo.com.au

Nankuri Houseboat

Nankuri is a 2-5 berth boat which is easily handled by 2 people.  Complete with spa, it is an ideal for honeymoons or romantic getaways.  Located at Kia Marina, Mannum.

Bookings and enquiries:

Bev & David Connel
Phone: (08) 8570 4322
Email: lakecarlet@bigpond.com

New Horizons Houseboat Holidays

A 2-8 berth boat with 3 bedrooms containing zip apart beds, and a sofa bed in lounge.  Also features 2 bathrooms, one of which is en-suite, home theatre, dishwasher, washing machine, air con and covered top deck with sun-lounges.  It also has solar power and 2 canoes.

Bookings and enquiries:

Robin Carter
Phone: (08) 8390 1009
Mob: 0409 660 122
Email: Horizons@chariot.com.au

Takeme 2 Houseboat

Takeme 2 is a 6-10 berth houseboat, with 3 bedrooms containing split apart beds and their own TV/DVD/CD players.  It also has 2 sofa beds in the rear lounge and 2 bathrooms.  Other features include TV/entertainment in rear lounge, dishwasher, washing machine and reverse cycle air con.  Kayak and paddle boat hire available.

Bookings and enquiries:

Mick Janz
Phone: (08) 8569 1020
Mob: 0428 246 910
Email: mick.50@optusnet.com.au

True Blue Houseboat

Beautiful 2 storey 12 berth houseboat containing 6 bedrooms, 2 of which are located on the upper level, and 3 bathrooms.  It also has a spa on the upper level, reverse cycle air con, dishwasher, washing machine.

Bookings and enquiries:

Ian & Rosalie Pedler
Mob: 0409 531 843
Email: trueblue@houseboatbookings.com

Unforgettable Houseboats

A fleet of 10-12 berth luxury houseboats, with various layouts.  Tours, dinners, on-board chef and full provisioning services available.  Some of the features may include en-suite bathrooms, upper level bedrooms, spa, dishwasher, washing machine, and reverse cycle air con.  Jet ski, dinghy and canoe hire also available.

Bookings and enquiries:

Lee-Anne Flanagan
Phone: (08) 8342 4699 or 1800 656 323
Mob: 0418 813 890
Email: unforget@internode.on.net

White Houseboats  

White Houseboats River Murray White Houseboats with Spa Gym White Houseboats on Murray River

[ See here for a more in depth look at White Houseboats. ] 

Small fleet of exquisite 8-12 berth houseboats.  Luxury in every room, with quality fittings and attention to detail.  Each bedroom has its own LCD TV and video, and some have en-suite bathrooms.  Also include features such as spa, some have upper deck driving helm, dishwasher, washing machine, heating and cooling.

Bookings and enquiries:

Brendan Taylor
Mob: 0418 810 110
Email: brendan@whitehouseboats.com.au


Fox Tale Houseboats

Fox Tale Houseboats are moored at Foxtale Marina, Morgan, and has a fleet of houseboats with various berths and layouts, up to 12 berth.  They feature such things as zip apart beds, reverse cycle ducted air con, covered top decks, dishwasher, washing machine.

Bookings and enquiries:

Michael & Jodie Butson
Phone: (08) 8540 2378
Mob: 0418 400 201
Email: hire@foxtalehouseboats.com.au

Inspired Houseboats

A modern 8 berth boat with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  Also features heated spa on canopied upper deck, TV and sound system, dishwasher, washing machine, gourmet BBQ and reverse cycle air con.

Bookings and enquiries:

Dorothy Williams
Phone: (08) 8289 5245
Mob: 0418 814 700
Email: inspiredhouseboat@bigpond.com

Quality Houseboats

Murray Meanderer is an 8 berth boat, with 4 large queen bedrooms 2 of which have zip apart beds)(, each with their own en-suite bathroom.  The boat also has upper sun-deck with canopy, dishwasher, washing machine and air con.

Bookings and enquiries:

Jim Murphy
Phone: (08) 8331 9248
Mob: 0407 331 499
Email: info@qualityhouseboats.com.au

River Spirit Houseboat

10 berth houseboat with 4 bedrooms- 3 double and one with bunks.  Also features air con and gas heating, ski boat and jet ski hitches, TV/DVD/CD and a canopied upper deck.

Bookings and enquiries:

Brenton & Debra Pridham
Phone: (08) 8827 3265
Mob: 0417 826 848
Email: pridham7@bigpond.com

Temptation Lady Houseboat

10-12 berth boat with 5 bedrooms containing queen zip apart beds.  It also has 2 bathrooms and a separate toilet, dishwasher, washing machine, air con, top deck with canopy and rear swim deck.

Bookings and enquiries:

Steve & Deb
Phone: 1800 880 610
Mob: 0418 891 738
Email: info@temptationladyhouseboat.com.au

Murray Bridge

Daydreamer Houseboats   

Daydreamer Houseboats South Australia Daydreamer Houseboat Interior Daydreamer Houseboat on the Murray River

Daydreamer is a beautiful 12 berth houseboat with 6 bedrooms, some zip apart, and 2 bathrooms.  It boasts a 10 person spa, TV/entertainment, dishwasher, washing machine, reverse cycle air con and top deck with canopy.


They also have Tiana May, an affordable 8-10 berth boat.

Bookings and enquiries:

Valerie Tipping
Phone: (08) 8288 1246
Mob: 0427 803 778
Email: Val@daydreamerhouseboats.com.au

Fifth Dimension Houseboat

Moored at Long Island Marina, Fifth Dimension is a 10 berth houseboat with 4 bedrooms, some of which zip apart to 2 single beds.  The rear lounge also converts to a bedroom.  It also has 2 bathrooms, spa, dishwasher, washing machine, air con and covered top deck.

Bookings and enquiries:

Geoff Elliott
Mob: 0439 817 229
Email: info@fifthdimension.net.au

Just Perfect Houseboat

Just Perfect is a 12 berth boat with 6 large bedrooms, 4 of which can be split into single beds.  The boat also features 2 bathrooms, reverse cycle air con, TV/entertainment, 6 person jacuzzi on large covered upper deck, dishwasher and washing machine.

Bookings and enquiries:

Mandy & Michael Aistrope
Phone: (08) 8558 2211
Mob: 0428 848 662
Email: info@tranquilityhouseboats.com.au

Omega Houseboat

An 8 berth boat with 4 bedrooms, some with zip apart beds.  Also has a canopied upper deck with spa, 2 bathrooms, air con and heating, microwave, dishwasher, twin fridges and washing machine.

Bookings and enquiries:

Bob Hall
Phone: (08) 8532 6900
Mob: 0408 813 885
Email: info@omegahouseboats.com


A fleet of boats ranging from 4-12 berths, with varying features and layouts.  Depending on which boat you choose, features may include en-suite bathrooms, zip apart beds to singles, spa, canopied upper deck, air con, heating, dishwasher, washing machine and TV/entertainment.

Bookings and enquiries:

Peter and Sonia Sommers
Phone: (08) 8365 7776
Mob: 0438 887 807
Email: info@ozhouseboats.com.au

River Wren Houseboat

2-6 berth boat with an open plan and boat shape, suited to families.  This boat is fairly basic, but does have TV/entertainment.

Bookings and enquiries:

Phone: (08) 8532 1986
Mob: 0421 288 999
Email: enquiries@riverglen.com.au

Simply The Best Houseboat

10-12 berth houseboat with 5 bedrooms with zip apart beds, and en-suite bathrooms.  Shaded top deck with spa and second helm.  Also features 2 fridges, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, air con, TV/DVD/CD.

Bookings and enquiries:

Kaye & Peter Malcolm
Phone: (08) 8531 2223
Mob: 0411 842 028
Email: vivgrain@bigpond.com

Tranquility Houseboats

Beautiful 12 berth boat with 6 separate bedrooms, each with zip apart queen beds.  Also has 2 bathrooms, one containing a spa bath, 6 person jacuzzi on covered top deck, air con, gas heating, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, TV/DVD/CD. and an iPod dock.

Bookings and enquiries:

Mandy & Michael Aistrope
Phone: (08) 8558 2211
Mob: 0428 848 662
Email: info@tranquilityhouseboats.com.au


Riverfun Houseboats

A fleet of 5-12 berth houseboats, some with zip apart beds.  Pets are welcome, with prior arrangement.  Boats also have features such as spa, covered top decks, air con, heating, TV/entertainment, dishwasher, washing machine, full bathrooms, including some en-suites and some with extra toilet.

Bookings and enquiries:

Graham & Leanne Glazbrook
Phone: (08) 8595 5537
Mob: 0418 839 223
Email: info@riverfun.com.au

River Murray Houseboats

8-12 berth houseboats moored at Lock 5 Marina, Paringa.  The boats have queen-size beds, some zip apart to singles, 2 bathrooms and some have additional extra toilets.  They also have features such as dishwasher, washing machine, dryer (one boat), air con, heating, TV/entertainment and top deck with canopy.

Bookings and enquiries:

Peter & Odette Lutze
Phone: (08) 8586 4598
Mob: 0427 899 102
Email: rivermur@riverland.net.au


Boats & Bedzzz Houseboat Stays  

This company offers both a hire houseboat 'Moving Waters' and a moored accommodation houseboat 'Murray Dream'.  Moving Waters is a 10 berth boat with 3 zip apart queen beds and 2 sets of bunks, with 2 bathrooms.  It also has 10 solar panels with backup generator, 2 TV's/DVD/CD, dishwasher, washing machine, cooling and heating and a large undercover top deck.

Bookings and enquiries:

Stephen & Deanne Flaherty
Phone: (08) 85865749
Mob: 0429 865 749
Email: info@boatsandbedzzz.com.au

Lazi River Holidays

Lazi River houseboats include a luxury 2 storey, AAA rated 8-12 berth boat, with 4 large zip queen bedrooms with block-out blinds.  There are 3 full bathrooms and 2 extra toilets, one of those on the upper level.  It also has a spa, large TV and X-Box, reverse cycle air con, dishwasher and washing machine.

Bookings and enquiries:

Troy & Cathy Lowe
Mob: 0419 220 888
Email: enquiries@laziriver.com.au

Liba Liba Houseboats

Liba Liba were the first houseboat company on the Murray and boast a large number of unique paddle wheeler houseboats.  They range from 2 berths to 12 berths.  Pets are considered on these boats.

Bookings and enquiries:

Greg & Carissa Austin
Phone: (08) 8586 6734
or 1800 810 252
Email: houseboats@libaliba.com.au

Magnum-Swan Houseboats

Magnum-Swan Houseboats boast an assortment of houseboats from 6-12 berth.  They have features such as zip apart beds, some en-suite bathrooms, TV's, sound systems, dishwashers, washing machines, ducted air con, heating, spa... and even exercise bikes in one case.  Canoes and dinghies are available on request.

Bookings and enquiries:

Margaret & Trevor Stoeckel
Phone: (08) 8595 5217
Mob: 0418 839 383
Email: magnum22@bigpond.com

Warriuka Houseboats

Several houseboats, from 6-12 berths, with features such as zip apart beds, dishwasher, washing machine, TV's/entertainment, ducted air con, heating.  Some boats have solar lighting or hot water.

Bookings and enquiries:

Doug & Cheryl Head
Phone: (08) 8595 5324
Mob: 0408 839 494
Email: warriuka@riverland.net.au


Green & Gold Houseboats   

Gren and Gold Houseboats South Australia Green and Gold Houseboats Murray River Green and Gold Houseboats Waikerie

An assortment of boats, including a magnificent 2 storey boat with huge panoramic windows.  Features may include dishwasher, washing machine, canopied upper deck and TV/entertainment.

Bookings and enquiries:

James and Ruth Copeland
Phone: (08) 8541 2001
Email: greegold@hotkey.net.au

The information above is correct (as far as we know) as at February 2014.
Please be aware changes may occur, so contact the relevant houseboat operator for up-to-date information.


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