Rabbit Vets in South Australia Finding the Right Vet for Your Bunny
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Rabbit Vets in South Australia
Finding the Right Vet for Your Bunny

List of Rabbit Vets below.    ** link?

If you're like me and love your bunny you want to do the best by it when it comes to keeping it healthy and dealing with health issues that crop up.

Rabbits are rather unique creatures in some ways and not all vets are experienced in treating them, so it pays to find a vet who has knowledge and experience in dealing with bunnies.  Any vet can probably competently give a vaccination, or deal with something simple, but when it comes to surgeries, especially something like desexing or more complicated internal procedures, or diagnosing and treating rabbit diseases, someone who is familiar with them will give your pet a much better chance at getting through whatever challenge it is facing.

When I had my little girl bunny desexed, I did quite a bit of research into it first so that I knew what questions to ask of any practice I was thinking of using.  A few of the things I feel are important to know are:

  • Does the practice have a vet who has knowledge and experience in rabbits?

  • What percentage of rabbits does the practice lose during whatever procedure you are researching for... zero or close to it would be a good aim for most simpler things!

  • What kind of anaesthetic do they use for rabbits- a gas one, rather than intravenous is much more instantly responsive if something is going wrong and it needs adjusting, so is preferable.

  • Will there be a qualified assistant during the operation who can adequately monitor the rabbit and do anything required, so that the vet's focus isn't split between too many things, which could lead to missing a sign of trouble?

  • Will the rabbit be kept in a quiet area, away from cats and dogs preferably, before and after surgery?

  • Does the practice understand the importance of rabbits having access to food and water before and after surgery?  Rabbits don't vomit, so this isn't a danger for surgery and it is vital to the well being of a rabbit that it eat frequently.

  • If it is a serious condition where the rabbit will need to stay there overnight, will someone be there to check on it?  This doesn't matter so much for a day procedure where it will be going home before night, but if it is in a serious condition, a whole night is a long time without monitoring.

The veterinary clinic I ended up taking my rabbit to for desexing is the Para Hills Veterinary Clinic, which has at least 2 vets who have substantial rabbit experience.  http://www.parahillsvet.com.au/Meet-our-Team-pg8488.html#Veterinarians  I was very impressed with the care taken by the particular vet I saw and needless to say, my little lady came home safe and sound!

The list below contains ome of the other vets I found that (at that time) had vets who have experience with rabbits.
Please note: I have no personal experience with having rabbits treated by these other vets.

Adelaide Animal Emergency Centre

119 Anzac Highway

Kurralta Park

Ph: 8371 0333

After Hours Emergencies ONLY

Adelaide Veterinary Emergency Centre

102 Magill Road


Ph: 8362 1722

After Hours Emergencies ONLY

Adelaide Animal Hospital     

301 Magill Road                                               

Trinity Gardens                                             

Ph: 8364 1577                                                           

Blakes Crossing

267 Village Tce


Dr Louise Bower

Ph: 73240799

Brighton Veterinary Clinic

526 Brighton Road


Dr James McBride

Ph: 8296 4300

Findon Vet Clinics

221 Grange Road


Ph: 8347 3444

Fulham Gardens Vet Clinic

441 Tapleys Hill Road                                        

Fulham Gardens                                                

Ph: 8355 5475                                                             

Holden Hill Vet Clinic

728 North East Rd.

Holden Hill

Dr. Kristian Zimsak

Ph: 82619948

Marion Small Animal Hospital 
827 Marion Road

Mitchell Park

Ph: 8277 3733

Morphettville Vet Clinic      

90 Morphett Road      


Ph: 8294 8444                                                

Prospect Road Vet Clinic   

318 Prospect Road


Ph: 8344 4233

Somerton Park Veterinary Clinic

76 Byre Avenue


Dr Mark Hill

Ph: 8295 6924

Southern Animal Hospital

130 Main South Road


Ph: 8382 3666 

Paralowie Veterinary Surgery

136 Waterloo Corner Road

Paralowie SA 5108

Ph: 8258 4818

Fax: 8258 2220

Plympton Veterinary Clinic

284 Anzac Highway


Ph: 8293 6856

Unley Vet Clinic

36 Unley Road


Ph: 8272 3400

Woodville Vet Clinic

5 Woodville Road

Woodville South

Dr Rob Carr

Ph: 8268 6777                 


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