Environmental Contractors and Services in South Australia
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Environmental Contractors and Services
in South Australia

How we deal with issues on our land, such as invasive weeds and other environmental concerns- be it your own land or some you manage as part of a council or other body- is becoming increasingly important as we try to conserve and re-establish native flora and fauna.  Mindlessly spraying dangerous chemicals without recognising the damage this can cause, both in the immediate vicinity and the wider environment, is not an ecologically sustainable process.  We need better, environmentally friendly methods of dealing with these things. 

Luckily, there are skilled experts who can undertake these jobs.  Not only do they provide effective ongoing weed control, but other services such as seed collecting, propagation, revegetation, surveying and monitoring.

Currawong Environmental Contractors

Mandy Moar from Currawong Environmental Contractors, which has been operating since 2000, speaks of the kind of work they have undertaken.

"Our main customers are local Councils, National Parks, NRMB and a handful of private landowners.  The work can vary which is what I really like about conservation work.  We undertake plant rescue when earthworks will damage an area, management plans, surveys (flora), seed collecting, propagation, tubestock planting and direct seeding, minimal disturbance weed control methods, photopoint monitoring, selective brushcutting (brushcutting weed grasses at the right time of year to allow native grasses to seed and out-compete), just to give you an idea."

Mandy said that her work as a Regional Coordinator in the Bush For Life program (Trees For Life) and both she and her husband Mathew's voluntary work with Friends of Parks groups, led to their interest, knowledge and eventual work in this field.

You can contact Currawong Environmental Contractors by phoning Mob: 0404 623 105

COOE- Care Of Our Environment

COOE are 'a network of environmental professionals who are passionate about taking care of our environment.' They seem to operate on quite a broad scale with a wide variety of projects and customers.

Some of the services COOE provides are:

    Revegetation direct seeding
    Weed and pest management
    Biodiversity planting
    Rehabilitation Monitoring (e.g. EFA)
    Tree Planting (carbon sequestration & biodiversity)
    Organization and supervision of tree planting teams for community projects
    Eco Golf Courses, parks or recreational facilities
    Landscape planning and implementation
    Marine science and management services
    Aiding the mining and energy industries achieve their sustainability objectives

You can visit COOE's website http://www.cooe.com.au/ to see more about what they do and to contact them.


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