Bokashi Bin Suppliers in South Australia
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Bokashi Bin Suppliers in South Australia

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Food Waste- why waste it?  Why not turn it into rich compost and fertiliser and add it back to the soil instead?

Bokashi bins (or bokashi buckets) are an ideal way of doing this as the process can be started right in your kitchen and the resulting 'finished' bokashi doesn't attract vermin such as rats and mice, as they don't like the fermented material, like they do rotting food scraps on a compost heap.  It's also a much easier process, with no need to get the 'green versus brown' or moisture ratio right.  Not that we want to put you off traditional composting... why not do both?

Roxane from Jaki Bokashi was most helpful in describing for us how the process works...


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"There are micro-organisms in the Bokashi Mix that are dormant until they are added to food waste in an anaerobic environment (your Bokashi Bucket!). Once in this environment they become active, and ferment the food waste. The fermenting process makes the food go kind of sloppy, which means the food compacts down, creating more space in your bucket.

It also produces a liquid. It's kind of like pickling in terms of the process and smell (vinegary), and because all of the nutrients are kept for your plants - nothing is lost in a rotting process, it is all captured in the Bokashi Liquid and the Bokashi waste."

Using a bokashi system is quite easy.  The video below shows you how.

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The fermented bokashi waste can be dug into your garden, where it will breakdown into lovely composted soil quite fast, in around 4 weeks.  It is then ready to plant in.

The bokashi liquid is a great fertiliser for your garden and pots.  Roxane recommends a solution of one part bokashi liquid to 100 parts water.  It's potent stuff!  Apparently it also makes a good toilet, drain and septic system cleaner in an undiluted state.  The live micro-organisms happily munch the much in your drains.  The liquid can be added to your septic system to help control odours and prevent algae build up.

Jaki Bokashi also has a product which you can use on dog waste, which helps it decompose in a couple of weeks.

You can make your own bokashi bran or buy it pre-made.  Jaki Bokashi run workshops on making the bran.

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Bokashi Bins and Supplies Available at:

Jaki Bokashi
Mob: 0412 180 586

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The Waste Not Want Not Eco Shop

Ecolateral (has the bran mix, not sure about bins)


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