The Friends of the Flinders Ranges National Park
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The Friends of the Flinders Ranges National Park


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The Friends of the Flinders Ranges National Park

We have been members of The Friends of the Flinders Ranges National Park since its inception in 1995 and have found it a great way to get to know this special area in more depth and to help ensure its survival as a diverse environment and place where people can enjoy the experience of exploring wild terrains and the nature within it.

Located approximately 430km north of Adelaide, South Australia this spectacular park contains magnificent mountainous scenery, much wildlife and flora- some of which are endangered species- biodiversity, along with very significant indigenous aspects and geological importance, all within a fragile environment.  pastoral over-use, feral animals and weeds, bushfires, current human use and the harsh climate have led to degradation, in some cases quite severe, which will take many decades to regenerate.

With so few rangers employed these days and so much work to be done in our National Parks, Friends groups are a valued part of the 'machine' that keeps our Parks going. 

Some of our projects have been:

  •     We carried out the restoration of 'Guide Hut', which is to be available as a rest stop for
        bike riders, which was officially opened in November 2011.

  •     Other huts have also been restored/repaired.

  •     The Friends of the Flinders Ranges NP hosted the 2008 Friends of Parks Forum "Footsteps in the

  •     Database information collection, recording as many features of the Park as we can so that there is
        a good record of the Park for future rangers and Friends.

  •     Herbarium collection of local flora.

  •     Tree planting.

  •     Seed collection.

  •     On-going work in the Old Wilpena Station homestead garden.

  •     Restoration work on various ruins.

  •     Restoration of the drystone wall at Appealinna, with initial guidance from a visiting ranger from
        UK's Lakes District.

  •     Development of a visitor app for the Park.

Volunteering at Hunts Homestead, Wilpena. Salvation Jane or Pattersons Curse (weed). Carl and Athol building a composting heap enclosure at Wilpena.

Working bees are generally held about every 6 weeks, for 6 nights, allowing more time to complete projects and, as a significant proportion of our active members travel up from Adelaide,  the extended time makes the long trip up seem more worth it.  Voluteers are welcome to attend for the whole period, or a shorter time if they can't make it for the whole time.

Restored miners dug-out. Preparing for the Guide Hut opening. The official Guide Hut opening.

Here is the Working Bee Shedule for 2017.

We also have more relaxing social occasions such as BBQ's and tours of various aspects of the Park with historians, geologists, rangers etc.

Accommodation for the working bees is provided within the Park free of charge, and is usually in the Oraparinna Shearers Quarters, a well appointed and comfortable venue with 8 rooms of bunk bed accommodation (couples/individuals usually get their own room each) with further accommodation sometimes available if the group is large, fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning, pot bellied stove and peaceful relaxing surroundings.

The Friends have also run the Seasonal Events in the Park, in the spring and autumn school holidays, although this is currently in hiatus.   The events encompass various tours, talks and experiences for families visiting the area for their holidays.   These have been co-ordinated by long time enthusiastic member Athol Jackson... who just happens to be my father, so naturally we have been heavily involved in this as well. 

Flinders Ranges National Park School Holiday Events Programme

Anyone can take part, so why not give it a try?  Volunteering in the Park is not only a good way to get away and enjoy working in a beautiful environment, but also a chance to make new friends with people who have a similar love for the place.  We all learn from each other, and our experiences in the Park, so it is a very rewarding pastime! 

Volunteer accident insurance is provided under the Government's self-insurance scheme (SAICORP) via the Department for Environment and Heritage (DEH).

Membership to the Friends of the Flinders Ranges National Park is $20 per family per year, and includes a monthly newsletter.

Visit the site http://www.friendsofflindersranges.org.au/index.htm for the joining form and other information.

There are Friends groups all over the state, so if the Flinders Ranges is too far for you, or you have another favourite area, check Friends of Parks out to see what's organised in your preferred location!


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