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Business cards are a common way of exchanging accurate and concise business details, pre-dating the Internet and mobile phones.

They are just as useful today for generating leads, clients and customers as well as marketing your business, services, staff and other activities.

I suggest the following considerations if you want to organise business cards for your business (or other operation):


  1. The business card medium.
  2. The weight, surface and type of card stock.
  3. What to print on the card?
  4. Will there be just text or graphic art as well?
  5. Do you require a graphic designer?
  6. The number of printing colours (or monochromatic).
  7. How many cards you want printed in this run.


The Business Card Medium

Business cards are typically and most commonly printed on white card stock ( 350 g/m² (100 pound) or 12 point thick stock ).

For a more modern and efficient business card many business people are putting a lot more kick into their business marketing with plastic business cards.

Plastic Business Cards SA Plastic Business Cards Adelaide Plastic Business Cards South Australia

An example of one South Australian Printing and Promotional business that offers plastic business cards as a service is Citrus Print:

Address: Morphett Vale, SA 5162
(PO BOX 168)

Phone: 1300 CITRUS (1300 248 787)
Fax: 08 83877327

Email: sales@citrusprint.com.au
Web: CitrusPrint
Hours: 9am – 5pm Monday- Friday (SA time)
Sample: Frosted or Clear - Full Colour, Single sided, 85 x 54 mm, $ 549 for 1000 @ 21 Mar 2013

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Plastic cards ( or PVC cards ) are much more durable and can last longer than cardboard cards. Plastic business cards can also come with rounded corners to make them even more user friendly.

Cards can also be produced on other materials such as metal if that suits your business objectives.


What to print on your business card?

The first things you will want to make sure you have on your business card are the items most likely to assist the card holder in achieving your objective or outcome in having the card.

I suggest you include vital items of contact and recognition, such as; business name, business logo ( or nameplate ), address, relevant phones and also if you use them regularly; facebook, twitter and skype contact details.

One of the most relevant tips for type on business cards is - make sure it's readable.

The standard size for business cards in Australia is 90mm x 55mm, and I should also point out that if you are looking to put a lot of information on your card then you also have the opportunity to print of the back of the card in most cases as well.


Will there be just text or graphic art as well?

If there will be graphics then printing considerations can can change dramatically -if the graphic is an image, particularly a full colour photographic image this will extend the printing process.

Printing full colour business cards on a printing press ( the cheapest way to print for large volume ) will require a four colour printing system ( CMYK ). Obviously this process will have a heavier bearing on cost and time over cards that use less, or one colour.


Do you require a graphic designer?

If you have clear business motivations behind your business cards you might want to engage the services of a graphic designer to handle the majority of the project. A good graphic designer can work with you to assist in achieving your targets or goals with your cards.

A graphic designer should be suitably proficient in assisting you in deciding card stock, finish, print process and of course the layout and type that actually goes on the card.

Your graphic designer will work on a layout that includes all the information you need for your goals in a way that is ideally compelling and memorable for your target audience.

If you require these services then I recommend that you seek a page on graphic designers for suggestions.


The number of printing colours (or monochromatic)

As mentioned earlier, colour photographs appearing on your cards will obviously require a colour printing process.

Once again, the direction you take will depend on your what you want to achieve with them.

In general many business people get by with single colour (black) printed business cards and in most cases this will get the job done in the simple transfer of contact details.

There are also ways to get photographic images onto business cards in monochrome ink (single colour) if desired.

Of course in todays demanding battle for attention, should you afford the opportunity to go somewhat more memorable then there are many more options.

Full colour business cards gives your business the opportunity to shine by creating a more memorable and lasting impression and something that better reflects your business and its marketing and branding initiatives.

Large runs of cards will be printed with a printing press using 4 inks (CMYK [ Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black]) these inks combine to make all the colours of your full colour cards. Alternatively you can use only very specific colour inks (spot colours) which may be cheaper or more expensive depending how many you use.

Smaller runs of business cards can be done cheaply on colour laser printers but these will not have the professional look of the printing press cards.


How many cards you want printed in this run?

This can sometimes be a difficult decision for any business as there are several things you need to consider:

  • How many people in your business need these cards?
  • What do you estimate the rate of dispersal will be?
  • When will your budget allow for printing business cards next?
  • What are the savings offered by the printer/s for printing 'longer runs'?
  • What is the likely-hood that any of your business card details will change?

If you don't want to have more cards printed any time soon and your details are not likely to change then obviously it would be more advantageous to seek printing discounts for higher print runs.


How to make your business cards stand out even more

There are a few more options that will help your business cards stand out even more and by extension, your business.

Die cutting allow your cards to be cut into specific shapes that you want ( you should work with a graphic designer for this ) as well as shapes (holes) cut into your cards.

Die Cut Business Cards SA Die Cut Business Cards Adelaide Die Cut Business Cards South Australia

One company that provides die cut business cards in South Australia is Rainbow Press:

Address: Unit 6B, Commercial Court
38 Cavan Road
Dry Creek,
South Australia 5094

Phone: 08 8260 7188
Fax: 08 8260 7199

Email: info@rainbowpress.com.au
Web: Rainbow Press Adelaide
Also: Embossing is also available.

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Embossing your business cards gives them a 'punch' to stand out.

Embossed Business Cards SA Embossed Business Cards Adelaide Embossed Business Cards South Australia

You can get embossed business cards in Adelaide from Kwik Kopy:

Address: Shop 1, 185 Victoria Square
Cnr Franklin & King William Streets 
Adelaide, SA 5000

(08) 8211 8200
(08) 8231 3363

Email: mail@adelaide.kwikkopy.com.au
Web: Kwik Kopy Adelaide
Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday
Owner: Sue Veld, Peter Veld

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Foil stamping can give your cards a more polished and professional high-end look and feel. Gold foiling on business cards gives a real impression of class and exclusiveness and will definitely set you apart from the rest.

Foil Stamped Business Cards SA Foil Stamped Business Cards Adelaide Foil Stamped Business Cards South Australia

You can get amazing looking foil stamped business cards from Keystone Printing:


443 Morphet Street
Adelaide, SA, 5000


08 8231 9999
08 8231 4899

Email: mail@adelaide.kwikkopy.com.au
Web: Ketstone Printing
Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday
Note: As a leading green printer in Adelaide, Keystone Printing prides itself on being at the forefront of adopting green technology and green printing in Adelaide. We have implemented a number of strategies over and above traditonal green measures to further lessen our carbon footprint.

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Folded business cards gives you the chance to include more information and imagery in a functional single card. There are some really creative folding tricks that you can do with folded cards, talk to your graphic designer if this is of interest to you.

Folding Business Cards SA Folding Business Cards Adelaide Folding Business Cards South Australia

One business promotion company that produces folded business cards in South Australia is Visualeyez Colour:

Address: 18 Sheringa Dr

Phone: (08) 8326 4735
Fax: (08) 8326 5797

Email: info@visualeyezcolour.com.au
Web: Visualeyez Colour
Hours: Order online anytime
Sample: 1000 folded cards for $265

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3 Places in South Australia to get Cheap Business Cards


Address: 41 Beulah Road
Norwood, SA 5067
Phone: (08) 8362 3443 Fax: (08) 8362 4024
Email: printing@kwikkopynorwood.com.au
Web: Kwik Kopy Norwood
Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday
Owner: Shane Skinner, Philip Smith

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Address: 2 Jervois St
Torrensville SA 5031
Phone: Phone: (08) 8443-6744
Fax: (08) 8352-8158
Email: sales@stallardpotter.com.au
Web: www.stallardpotter.com.au
Hours: 8:15am to 4:45pm Monday to Friday

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Address: 84 Frome Street
Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: Tel (08) 8232 0201 Fax (08) 8232 0227
Web: Snap Adelaide
Hours: 8.30am - 5.00pm

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